Turbo Slicer

Turbo Slicer (Unity Asset Store) cuts fast, repeatedly. In Synergy Blade we used it to slice bosses to bits on an iPad 1 at 60 FPS. We include full sources.

The Demo

This here demo shows a Fruit Ninja style touch slicer as well as a sword that can hack up muffins. Note that its frame rate may be limited to 30 FPS by the web browser. This demo has been tested on iOS.

Trackpad? Try holding left control in the touch slicer demo instead of your mouse button.

Demo sources can be found in the in package in Noble Muffins / Turbo Slicer / Demos.unitypackage. Demo sources include the touch slicer code, the sword controller.

On Youtube

The Manual

Complete manual here.

Extra Credits

Nigel Kitts – Cover art and muffin
Jack Dog – Synergy Blade


Questions? Contact us.

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