Limb Hacker

Limb Hacker hacks limbs; it cuts meshes at run time, severs by the bone and swaps out the character with a ragdoll. Its public methods let you slice by bone name or by joint. It is compatible with the attachable slicer system included in Turbo Slicer. It is compatible with Mixamo Fuse and other characters with multiple skinned meshes.


Limb Hacker is no longer available for purchase in the Unity Asset Store.

You can, however, contact us directly regarding this product.

On Youtube

Our video tutorial explains how Limb Hacker is used in a basic use case. Following this tutorial assumes you already know how to create a ragdoll from a character; refer to Unity’s documentation to learn more about this.

The Demo

This here demo shows a sword that can hack up a mannequin. Full sources to this demo are included with purchase.

The Manual

Complete manual here.

Extra Credits

Aleksandra Bartosik – Cover art


Questions? Contact us.

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  1. I just got this and have errors in Unity 4. The precision demo is not working, sniper demo target reticle not working and not able to use this with mechanim.

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