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Weekend with beer and coding created this.

Get The Dreamer here.

The Dreamer

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  1. Hi,
    im sorry to bother you but I saw ur game and I was like wooo and then I came here and read that it took you one weekend(plus the beer) to create this and im still learning to create games and I have question and please email me if you will answer them? Thanks and I don’t have a phone but if I did I would so buy ur game.


      • I was wondering…is c# better than java? and when I learn which ever u pick will I have to learn the basics or the whole thing? and how long would that take??

        • Hi!

          We’ve used C# and Java lots. The languages are radically similar; C# is almost like a clone of Java. But we strongly recommend C# for most purposes for a few reasons.

          -C# is like Java with hindsight. The language has new features that Java does not and supports better design patterns.

          -C# is supported in Unity, which is an excellent game engine.

          -Oracle’s Java implementation is really poorly maintained for consumer purposes. Serious security defects are found regularly. There are nearly decade-old graphics bugs that are known & unfixed.

          -C# can be used on iOS via Unity and MonoTouch.

          In terms of how hard it is to learn, I have little reason to believe it matters; you might as well pick QBasic, Assembler, lord knows what. The fact is you have a mountain of stuff to learn about programming before you can be a competent programmer. By the time one could call one’s self “professional”, one typically knows at least 5 languages. I’ve used QBasic, C, Visual Basic, C++, PHP, Perl, Python, Assembler, C#, Java, Objective-C, Lua, Javascript and Bash.

          • Hello Again,

            I was wondering, do you have to learn java for example for android like the whole thing and know everything and be a pro or only some part like the basics for android development? And at the moment im alone, but do I require a team? of how many?

            Thanks Again!

          • Well you need to know a lot about coding in java before you start your first project, also android java based developement requires to learn some additional android only stuff like activities. You don’t need a team for simple games if you can handle both graphics and code. First projects I created for fun were made only by me.

  2. Im trying to create a rhyming game in which users connect with Bluetooth and theyre given a word and they have to keep rhyming until they cant no more…any advice on this?

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